Scottish Ceilidhs

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What is a 'ceilidh'?

It's a get together to dance and listen to music.

Once described as a distillery set to music!

Who are Ceilidh Minogue?

They are a great Scottish ceilidh band, with a great name.


This site is a resource site for anyone organising a ceilidh.

In it we recommend bands, dances and even drink!!

Quoting Visit Scotland:-

Ceilidh Dancing
Ceilidh dancing is the most accessible form of our traditional dancing. The basic dances are all fairly easy to master, are few in number and comprise mostly round-the-room and set dances. The emphasis is firmly on having fun and being sociable - there is none of the regulation and competition that marks the other forms of traditional dance and the dress-code is invariably 'come-as-you-are'. Key ingredients of a good ceilidh include enthusiasm, a good band, and usually - but not essentially - drink.

Ceilidh dancing is taught to schoolkids across the country so most Scots grow up with it, which is no doubt why it's a regular feature of weddings and other social gatherings, such as Burns Suppers. In the past decade or so, however, Glasgow and Edinburgh have witnessed an explosion in the ceilidh's popularity as a weekend entertainment and have seen a number of ceilidh clubs emerge.


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